Azure Innovations

Azure Innovations is a business focused on controlling deposits in liquids. Undesired fluid deposits are an extremely costly issue for industry, leading to production losses, process inefficiencies and a tremendous waste of resources. Controlling deposits simultaneously saves industry millions of dollars while allowing operations to conduct business in a more environmentally sustainable way.

Our team has a balance of researchers, innovators and business development specialists who have spent their careers in fluid contamination control. We develop, license and sell innovative solutions to control fluid deposits across a wide range of industries and applications.


Current Technology Developments

  • industrial and commercial water descaling
  • paraffin control in oil well applications
  • many additional deposit solutions for industrial fluids

Our Team

Fluid ExpertHighly skilled team of fluid experts with over a hundred papers and dozens of patents.

Our Technology

Return on your investmentOur technology innovations eliminate deposit concerns in a wide range of industrial applications providing rapid return on investment.

Paraffin Control

Azure's Paraffin Control SystemLearn how our paraffin control technology is increasing the efficiency and productivity in oil petroleum extractions.